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12v & 240v power management with Redarc

Off grid camping & touring

The Premium Package has been designed with the off-grid camper and tourer in mind. This set-up will run your fridge, charge your tools and accessories as well as power up 240V devices, all while off-grid for an extended period.

  • TVMSKIT05 Total Vehicle Management System containing the BMS1230S3 as well as RedVision Distribution system
  • SMSP1200 200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Battery options:
    • 4 x LBAT12060 60Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery – 85A maximum continuous discharge (850W) per battery
    • 2 x LBAT12100-HD 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery – 100A maximum continuous discharge (1000W) per battery
  • R-12-2000RS2 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 2 x 12V, 2 x USB and 2 x Anderson Sockets, lights, Anderson input from vehicle and Anderson input for portable solar
  • Will require 240V input wired to exterior of Canopy for a hard-wired solution, alternative you can leave the kettle cord loose and run an extension cord when you want to charge via the AC input
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