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CNC Brake Press

Both of our CNC Brake Presses are capable of folding sheet and plate up to 6.0mm thick x 3,000 mm and 6,000mm respectively:

  • Maximum sheet metal thickness:
    • Steel - 6.0 mm @3,000mm / 5.0mm @6,000mm
    • Aluminium - 8.0 mm @3,000mm / 6.0mm @ 6,000mm
  • Force - 130 tonne / 200 tonne
  • Sheet length - 3,050 mm / 6,050mm
  • Maximum X-axis (CNC Back-gauge) - 1,200mm

Both machines and all tooling is brand new and is equipped with the latest touch-screen CNC controllers, which ensure high accuracy & repeatability along the entire length of fold.

CNC Panel folding - Semi-Automatic

Our state-of-the-art CNC Panel folding capability allows for the folding of sheet metal cassettes, boxes and enclosures with little operator intervention and effort.  Catering for materials upto 3mm thick and up-to 4m in fold length, it is capable of fold angles anywhere from 2° – 135° in a single action, folding both up & downwards autonomously and also capable to produce large radii folds


  • Max Fold length:
    • Steel – 3.0 mm @ 3,200 mm
    • Aluminium – 3.0 mm @ 4,050 mm
  • Maximum box-folding depth - 155mm (current limit, other depths available to 300mm)
  • Maximum X-axis Depth (CNC Back-gauge) – 4,000 mm
  • Segmented Tooling with ends / edge folding capability 

This machine capability is Brand New and is cutting edge in its field. The 3D-interactive control is equipped with the latest one-touch programming software and is able to read directly from customers 3D models.* This ensures accuracy of the finished part and reduces error from external inputs. High efficiency & repeatability enables Precision Sheet Metal to excel, Ask us today about your specific needs in sheet metal enclosures design.

Roll Former

Our roll former can produce a wide range of rolled profiles in sheet metal materials in continuous lengths.

Ideal for producing roofing and cladding materials, we can roll form materials up to 1.0mm thick into the Interlocking, Nailstrip, Snaplock and Standing Seam profiles. We can manufacture in a wide range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised and mild steel sheets as well as copper, brass, COR-TEN, COLORBOND and Zincalume.

Looking for ideas, cost estimates or technical advice?

We can assist with your specific application, including advising on design feasibilities, product selection and costing.
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